LG Debuts Pocket Photo Printer, Using NFC Technology

LG-Pocket-Photo-Printer-NFC-rfid-blogFor those who want the ability to print photos while on the go, here’s the good news: LG has rolled out a new highly portable printing device — the LG Pocket Photo.

As the name has suggested, it could fit into your pocket. It is one of the world’s smallest photo printers out there on the market, with a thickness of just 0.94 inches and a weight of 0.47 pounds.

Photos taken can be sent to the Pocket Photo via NFC, Bluetooth or USB. The app will also allow users to edit the photos, applying filters, messages and even QR codes.

The device will be able to print 2×3-inch photos, utilizing Z-ink (Zero ink) printing technology, which uses special photo paper where the colors are already applied and are simply heated up and formed when you print an image, thus discarding the need for conventional ink cartridges.

Unfortunately the device is only expected to debut in Korea. The price will be around $169.