Use technology to protect children

RFID-BLOG-Children safetyJust over a month’s time, a series of campus massacre against children suddenly become the most focus of attention in China. How can we protect our children? This is a big question mark in all parent’ mind, after all, children are everything to us. My answer is to use technology to improve the protection of the children, hope that more and more companies find a better solution via RFID or other related technologies to archive that.

Give an example here, Abilia experience center, the children’s professional experience center from the Shanghai World Expo which selected 25 representative future careers for 7-15 years old children to experience growth in the fun. As the area of Abilia experience center reach 4,200 square meters and parents cannot follow their child to enter, so the RFID technology has introduced in order to track children’s location within Abilia center. Each child will wear an RFID bracelet on their hand at the entrance, and each child’s RFID bracelet has a matching bracelet also distributed to the child’s parents. The RFID readers across whole center can read the children’ RFID bracelets and track their location; the parents can also obtain the specific location of their children by scan their bracelet in front of RFID kiosk just outside the entrance.

Actually, such technology has being used by “BabyBoss professional experience city” in Taiwan two years ago. Our children will be more effective protected by more application of such technology.