PowerSkin announced NFC-enabled Battery Case for Galaxy S3

Galaxy-S3-NFC-battery-case-rfid-blogNFC technology does not work when the Samsung Galaxy S III is placed inside most protective phone cases. Now, the accessory maker PowerSkin has solved this problem with its newly announced battery case for the Samsung Galaxy S III, which the company claims is the first ever NFC-enabled smartphone battery case for the device.

The NFC wireless technology allows the smartphone to communicate with other devices in proximity via magnetic-field induction. The case has special technology to allow NFC signals to pass through the silicone case for quick information sharing. Now, Galaxy S III users can make payments or tap and share data without taking the phone out of its case.

Of course, like other PowerSkins, it also has an internal rechargeable 1,500 mAh battery to extend runtime of the smartphones.

Other features of the battery case include smart power management that shuts off the PowerSkin internal battery when the phone is fully charged. That smart management saves power inside the case’s battery for longer run time when it’s needed.

The case has LED lights on the back to indicate how much power is left in its internal battery. That silicone shield should also help keep your precious handset safe in the event of an accidental drop or fall (just don’t hit it with a hammer or anything). The Samsung Galaxy S III PowerSkin is available right now for $79.99.