Here Finally Comes iPhone 5, Yet WITHOUT NFC


After months of speculation, Apple finally revealed its new version of iPhone — the iPhone 5, yet the expected NFC capability is noticeably absent.

The new iPhone is not a new smartphone but a better one. Here are the main features of the new device:

■Larger screen — with 4-inch display, taller than the iPhone 4S

■Thinner at 7.5mm, 20% lighter

■Faster connectivity

■Supporting for 4G LTE networks

■Running on iOS 6, which includes new Passbook and Maps applications

The new device will be available for both white and black. Pre-orders for the smartphone can be made from Sept. 14th, while it will be released in the UK on week later on Sept. 21st, the same day as the US. The 16GB version of the smartphone will cost $199, the 32GB $299 and the 64GB $399. However, once the iPhone 5 has launched, you’ll be unable to get an iPhone 3GS, which has discontinued.

Skipping NFC in the iPhone 5 could cost Apple a great deal

Analyst says that Apple has missed an opportunity to lead the industry in the development of NFC.

NFC technology enables smartphones to communicate with other NFC-enabled devices, allowing users to purchase goods and services by tapping their smartphones against a reader or simply “bumping” against another device to share content. NFC technology provides real opportunity to change the way people interact with their devices and payment systems they use every day.

“A lot of the infrastructure around NFC is starting to be built out like payment systems and the ability to transfer content between phones. It is like back in the day when Wi-Fi was seen as a high-end technology and now it’s standard — we are going to see NFC go the same way.”