Neste Oil Implements RFID Vehicle Identification at Its Fueling Stations

Finnish-automated-vehicle-identification-rfid-blogNeste Oil, a Finnish oil refining company, has launched the FuelOmat Gold automated vehicle identification solution by Orpak at its selected truck fueling stations throughout Finland.

The Orpak solution, based on RFID vehicle identification, is being offered to Neste Oil’s commercial fleet customers to give better control over their fleets’ refueling, reduce their fuel costs, and enable them to benefit from more convenient, secure, and faster refueling.

FuelOmat enables fuel to be dispensed only when the nozzle is inside an authorized vehicle’s fuel tank inlet, reducing the risk of misuse. Customers no longer need to use fuel cards at Neste Oil fueling stations. Drivers simply insert the nozzle into their vehicle’s fuel or Adblue tanks and the system automatically authorizes the vehicle.

Any attempt to remove the nozzle and refuel another vehicle will immediately suspend the process. It is also possible to collect odometer and engine hour data from the vehicle for consumption and maintenance reports and also to prevent unauthorized fuel transfer from the vehicle fuel tank.