South African Hospital Curbs Newborns Kidnapping with RFID

newborn-baby-ankle-tag-kidnap-rfid-blogA South African company called Harmonic Group, which specializes in barcoding, RFID and systems technology, is negotiating with a private South African hospital, to deploy RFID technology in tracking and secure newborns, according to Engineering News.

With RFID ankle bracelet, newborn babies will be secured and ensured that only authorized personnel are allowed to access to the nursery. The carry tags will enable authorized personnel to transporting newborns to monitor the movement of the babies at all times, so that parents can be at ease.

“Newborns have been stolen from South African hospitals before. RFID tracking could help in curbing the incidents where newborns are smuggled out of hospitals,” said Medical Doctor Barry Baetu.

If the RFID tag is removed, the private hospital will get an alert. Thus immediate action can be taken to ensure the baby newborn is not removed from the location.