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  • Jessie.lin 18:06 on August 16, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    UHF Anti-metal tag for application on metal surface 

    There are many applications where passive UHF RFID tags can be usefu, like logistic tracking management, warehouses management, tracking management.

    In practical RFID applications, metals appear in many occasions, like Supply chains using metal carts, tracking of metal tools. However, the Ultra High Frequency band is very sensitive to metal. When the tag is near a metal, the radiation efficiency and directivity change will be affected seriously, the reading distance will be reduced quickly that it cannot work.

    Therefore, it’s necessary to adopt a special tag which can be applied on the metal surface, And we called such tag as Anti-metal tag. Anti-metal tag can work in the 915 MHz frequency band and is able to maintain a good performance on the metal surface.


    If you want to know more details about this application, please leave your comments and You can send email to me:Jessie.lin@nexqo.com

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    RFID Jewelry tag for Jewelry tracking management 

    Jewelry is one of the most valuable assets that people posses, A Jewelry company faces a tremendous task of maintaining, since many jewelry displays are set up daily and stored in the evenings.This is often a completely manual process, which is very time consuming and prone to errors. Huge amounts can be lost due to inefficient and slow inventory tracking.

    While RFID is widely being used as an effective tool in retail industry, Jewelry industry become one of the beneficiaries.

    With a small hole, this RFID jewelry tag can be easily to attach to the jewelry items.Tags are embedded with the important data related to the jewelry like unique identification number, type, weight, date of manufacture, quality etc .

    Therefore, with these RFID jewelry tags connected with RFID jewlery system, The RFID jewelry tags would help to collect data from hundreds of items in few seconds. It enables sales to inventory the stocks of jewelry items in a minute. Apart from the reduction of inventory time, the RFID jewellery management system help to guards against theft as well.

    If you want to know more details about this application, please leave your comments and You can send email to me:Jessie.lin@nexqo.com

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    Newborn babies anti-theft system in the hospital based on RFID technology 

    In recent years, Newborn Babies stolen events have occurred in hospitals, which has become a focus issue of the government and the society. Such tragedies have brought both material and spiritual dual great loss to family and hospital. In order to improve the security system and avoid the tragedies, some hospital have adopted the RFID Technology for new babies anti-theft system

    So how could the RFID system could prevent the infant from stealing in the hospital?

    Firstly ,the staff will tie the harmless, intelligent electronic RFID wristbands tag with a unique ID to New baby, which can transmit the RF signal. These intelligent electronic tags will send their unique ID information to the anti-theft system in regular interval of time. Then the system can get the position of the baby and do real-time monitoring and tracking,With proper automation it will be impossible to swapping and kidnapping of newborns.

    If you want to know more details about this application, please leave your comments and You can send email to me:Jessie.lin@nexqo.com

  • Jessie.lin 16:40 on June 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    RFID Technology for Libraries 

    In the past ,we often used barcode or magnetic stripe technology to mangage the libraries. Nowadays ,the development of RFID technology has promoted its application in the library.

    The adoption of RFID technology by libraries that make it possible to inventory hundreds of thousands collections in days instead of months. In addition, it would allow patrons to check out and return library property automatically at any time of the day. Besides speeding up checkouts, keeping collections in better order, RFID also provide a better control on theft, non-returns, and misfiling of a library’s assets.

    Comparing with the barcode technology, The use of RFID reduces the amount of time, since the collections can be read from RFID tags much faster than from barcodes and that several items in a stack can be read at the same time. And RFID tags last longer than barcodes because nothing comes into contact with them. Most RFID vendors claim a minimum of 100,000 transactions before a tag may need to be replaced.

  • Jessie.lin 16:53 on June 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    RFID Ear Tag—For livestock identification and tracking 

    In some animal husbandry developed countries, such as Australia ,New Zealand, Argentina, how to manage the livestock was a difficult problem before. When RFID ear tags are applied to the animal management, It has became more efficient.

    If the ear tag uses Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology it is referred to as an electronic ear tag. Electronic ear tags conform to international standards ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 working at 134.2 kHz, as well as ISO/IEC 18000-6C operating in the UHF spectrum.

    •                           耳标读距

    Although there are many shapes of ear tags, the main types in current use are as follows:

    1. Flag-shaped ear tag: two discs joined through the ear, one or both bearing a wide, flat plastic surface on which identification details are written or printed in large, easily legible script.
    2. Button-shaped ear tag: two discs joined through the ear.
    •                            耳标管理

    For tracking livestock, An ear tag usually carries an Animal Identification Number (AIN) or code for the animal, or for its herd or flock .Each RFID tag has a unique ID,It is unchangeable and encoded in the product before ex-work. We can write some data in it base on the memory size of the chip. Thus, with these RFID tags attached to the ears of every animals, ranchers can easily get control of the livestock’s information, including date of birth, breeding, weight and disease condition, etc.

    This RFID ear tag has become more and more important and more and more widely adopted in animal management and without doubt it has been proved an effective method to identify livestock and stop stealing.

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