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    Medium size on RFID UHF Anti-metal Tag 

    This anti-metal tag, which is mainly used in Digital asset management, electrical appliances and metal shelves warehousing management. Have the advantages of impact resistant, waterproof, dust proof, stable performance characteristics.

    Specialities & Features
    Long read distances on metal surfaces
    High-performance acrylic adhesive
    Low profile and cost effective

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    Tags: Passive RFID and Active RFID   

    Active RFID vs. Passive RFID: What’s the Difference? 

    Short Answer:

    Passive RFID systems use tags with no internal power source and instead are powered by the electromagnetic energy transmitted from an RFID reader. Passive RFID tags are used for applications such as access control, file tracking, race timing, supply chain management, smart labels, and more. The lower price point per tag makes employing passive RFID systems economical for many industries.

    Active RFID systems use battery-powered RFID tags that continuously broadcast their own signal. Active RFID tags are commonly used as “beacons” to accurately track the real-time location of assets or in high-speed environments such as tolling. Active tags provide a much longer read range than passive tags, but they are also much more expensive.

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    RFID technology how to make enterprises save cost 

    As we can know the RFID technology are more and more widely used in many applications, such as promoting, marketing, hospitality, enterprises, logistics etc. With bringing convenience to people.

    For example:

    The US famous retailer giant Wal-Mart used RFID technology after inventory management to save $ 52 million every year.

    Actually operation FRID tag technology is quite simple and only takes a handful of people management, cargo tracking and inventory search alarmingly high efficiency, greatly improve inventory management, reduce inventory and reduce logistics costs.
    Wal-Mart staff hand-held RFID tag technology machine-readable, timing hall or walking into a store selling goods warehouse, with all the goods in front of the transmitting antenna sweep, the number of all kinds of goods, inventory and other dynamic information automatically appears on all machines read on the fluorescent screen, has been out of stock and goods impending shortage column will alert warning sound and light signals, without a gap.

    If you also interested in RFID technology to save cost of your companies. Just contact my email address: cathy.chen@nexqo.com

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    What’s the Difference Between RFID and NFC? 

    RFID is a radio frequency identification technology, it is mainly through radio signals to identify a specific target, and can read and write data, but only one way to read.
    RFID have low frequency (a few mm transmission distance), high frequency (13.56Mhz), ultra-high frequency, microwave frequency, etc., in different frequency bands, resulting in different power, resulting in different transmission distance.

    NFC is a short-range wireless communications technology, the chip has the ability to communicate with each other, and computing power. NFC RFID can be seen as a subset, using a high frequency (13.56MHz) RFID standards, but it is a two-way process.

    Common parts of NFC and RFID
    NFC and RFID relationship is very close, lingering. NFC is a wireless communication technology based on RFID, and RFID it the same in the following two points.
    First, NFC and RFID used the same frequency, are 13.56Mhz.
    Second, communication theory NFC passive mode is similar to the principle of RFID and communication, are based on the principle of electromagnetic induction coupling radio frequency.
    Although born out of RFID and NFC wireless Internet technology, NFC technology but, after all, it is a new technology for wireless communication with RFID there are still differences.

    Difference between them based on two points
    First, NFC technology to increase point to point communication functions, it can quickly establish a wireless communication between Bluetooth devices. NFC devices to find each other there by establishing a communication connection. In the communication mode, NFC different from the RFID network, which is built on a master-slave relationship under, and the chip passive way through the expensive and require energy to support the “read” device to read. The NFC device but can be set to passive and active modes, even in the case of equipment shutdowns under (passive mode), you can still transmit the identification data, it is precisely this characteristic makes it ideal for smart card applications. At the same time, it can also be in the active mode, and other active or passive RFID provided preparation of communication.
    Secondly, NFC and RFID for different applications, in addition to the application point communications, the main applications of NFC mobile micro-payments. NFC applications for mobility characteristics for identification and data exchange, and the main purpose is to identify RFID.

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